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High Hopes November 11, 2011

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What are you personally hoping to accomplish for the remaining weeks of the semester in regards to your service project?

So far, I feel that we have been very successful this semester in the volunteer work we have been able to do. CARE is impossible to run without the help of their volunteers, so I am very happy to have contributed to that. For the remaining few weeks of the semester, I hope to continue volunteering every Wednesday as well as successfully complete our first fundraising event. We will be pairing with a local woman who makes natural dog treats. The name of her company is Nature’s Way Pet Cafe. The goal is to sell those dog treats in the commons as a sort of stocking stuffer for dogs along with other goodies like dog toys and doggy shampoo. We will not only be selling those from a table in the FSC, but we have order forms as well so that our friends, family, and peers can purchase more items than what we will have available. All of the proceeds will go to CARE. I feel that the Drury community will respond well to this fundraiser. I am also hoping to schedule a time to meet with our community advisor to discuss the work we have done so far, the fundraiser, and our plans for next semester. Finally, I personally hope to prepare plans for next semester in a timeline and to find what day I will be able to volunteer every week for the remainder of the year.~Carolyn


We are currently working on a fund-raising event for end of this semester. We have paired with Nature’s Way Pet Cafe to help us with the event. They will be making all natural dog treats and we will be selling them on campus to raise money for CARE. Since the fundraiser will be close to Christmas time, we are going to allow students to put together their own bag with whatever flavor treats they want. (it will be like a stocking stuffer for their dog) We, along with the people at Nature’s Way, are extremely excited about the event. We expect it to be a great turn out. I work in the Marketing and Communications department at Drury, and I will be able to get the message out about our event early enough to generate awareness. We hope that this event will prepare us for our major event that we will hold during the Spring semester. We have been working on our Fall event for a few weeks now, and we expect our hard work to pay off. Personally, I am really looking forward to taking a step beyond volunteering and start raising some money! 🙂 ~Sheila


Our Summit group has been working very diligently the past few weeks on putting together a fundraiser for C.A.R.E. We have all had numerous thoughts and ideas but I think we have finally reached a conclusion on how everything will work out.  We are working with a company called Nature’s Way Pet Café in Ozark. They are providing us with homemade dog treats as well as bags and other supplies we might need. We are still working out a few minor details but the plan is to sit outside the commons selling stocking stuffers for dogs. As each person goes through the line they will pick up a bag and fill it with what they will get their dog for Christmas. Then at the end of the line they will pay. The bag will then be tied together with a ribbon that will have a tag attached to it with C.A.R.E.’s logo. All proceeds form this event will go to C.A.R.E. By the end of this semester I hope to have completed a successful fundraising project for this great nonprofit organization. I personally hope that we can raise about $500 with this fundraiser. We are looking to reach the Drury Community (students, faculty, and staff) as well as our families and friends. I think we have a great idea and with our hard work and dedication we can make it happen!–Brooke


In the remaining weeks of the semester I would personally like to successfully accomplish a fundraiser project for C.A.R.E. as well as continue our weekly volunteer sessions. Currently we are volunteering every
week at C.A.R.E., but I would really like to do more for our organization. As it is, we are actually very close to achieving this goal. We have already contacted Nature’s Way Pet Café, a company that makes all-natural dog treats, and we have meet with them to discuss our project. They are very enthusiastic about working with us, and they had a lot of great ideas to really make our project a success. After our meeting it seems like we have a pretty amazing fundraiser in the works. We have decided that we will sell Nature’s Way’s treats in the remaining weeks before the holidays. The treats come in several different varieties, and we plan to sell these full-size bags of treats to family, friends, and people here at Drury. In addition to this, we would like to add an aspect to our fundraiser and create a make-your-own-dog-Christmas present. For this aspect of our project we plan to buy several pounds of dog treats from Nature’s Way and then purchase some Christmas-themed bags for people to make their own unique sized bag of dog treats. Once they create their bags of dog treats they will be able to combine their purchases with small dog toys and other dog related items, then at the end of the line we will have several different sized baskets that they can choose from to really make their gifts unique. Finally, depending on what they have chosen which items they would like, we will be able to determine a price. With the two aspects of our fundraiser combined we would like to raise around $500 for C.A.R.E. This money, we hope, will help them find a new facility that is more suited to their needs, one that has a bigger outdoor area so that the dogs can run outside when the weather is nice. While this goal may seem quite large, we definitely think it is manageable, because we plan to sell not only to the Drury community, but also to our families back home. If we continue to volunteer at C.A.R.E. and work to make this project a real success, I think that we will be able to make a real difference to our organization! ~Lindsay


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